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CVS-I Central Vacuum Exhaust Muffler
Universal Exhaust muffler for central vacuum power unit to lower the noise of exhaust air. Tame the beast in your garage with an exhaust muffler and reclaim your peace and quiet. The CVS exhaust muffler is a must have for any unit that vents into the garage or basement, and even those venting outside. Lower the noise level your unit produces by diffusing the exhausting airflow. Open center design does not imped airflow performance or add back pressure. The CVS Exhaust muffler measures 12" long with a foam lined tube to quiet your vacuum system. Standard 2" ID sockets on each end glue (or clamp - not included) directly onto vacuum tube and are converted to a 3.25" chamber that is lined with opencell foam. Connect directly to your CVS exhaust port or mount at any point in the CVS exhaust tube run for a lower noise exhaust system.

Sold 1 each, 12" long white PVC with 2"ID sockets at each end. Other fittings, glue or clamps may be required to install, not included. If using more than one muffler they should be separated by 12" of tube for maximum effect. 

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