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PlastiFlex Vacpan Quick Trim Plate
Color matched to the Vacpan sweep inlet the Quick-trim plate allows installation into areas that are only accessible from the front. In many installations the optional flex rough-in or standard PVC elbow connection is made from above though access in the floor in a cabinet, the subfloor under a cabinet or though an access hole in the front or back of a wall. The optional Quick-Trim plate allows the installation hole to be enlarged up to 4" in height which will allow you to connect the flex rough-in or hard PVC tube outside of the cabinet and slide the complete assembly into the cabinet without using access behind the Vacpan for installation. The Quick-Trim plate requires 4" of height in the toe-kick area but can be scored and cut down using pre-scored guide lines on the back of the trim plate.

Sold 1 each. Vacpan Not Included. Available in White, Almond or Black.

VPQA01 Almond Quick-Trim Plate
VPQW01 White Quick-Trim Plate
VPQB01 Black Quick-Trim Plate


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