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Vaculine CVS All Purpose Mounting Plate
The patented universal mounting plate with 3/4" spigot from Vaculine has several unique features to meet the demands of central vacuum installations. Designed for installation in 2X4 (or larger) stud walls both new and old (retrofit) installations. All metal flange gives greater support and allows more installation options than plastic mounting plates.

  • All Metal Flange: removable for retrofit installations
  • Accessible o-ring: easily replaced using standard tools
  • Wire Trap: to secure low voltage wires
  • Continuous Wall: provides guide for routers when installing drywall
  • Impact Posts: provides positive sizing and marking for cutout

Universal design fits all standard Centec, Vaculine, Hayden and Plastiflex rectangular wall valves.

  • White Color. Sold 1 each.
  • Use with standard and deco inlet valves.
  • Not needed with Direct Connect type valves.
  • Does not fit Plastiflex S-VEX square inlets.

Building an infrastructure for central vacuum systems is simple with Vaculine® PVC fittings. Vaculine PVC fittings are specifically designed to have low internal surface friction for air handling use in central vacuum system applications. Special attention has been given to design features that help to reduce project complications by allowing for increased adaptability in confined areas. Vaculine molds the strongest and most durable plastic fittings available with the latest technology to ensure that our fittings are of the highest quality. Vaculine fittings won't crack, break, bend or wear. TESTED, INSPECTED, APPROVED. All Vaculine fittings are manufactured in compliance with the ASTM F2158 and are marked with the ASTM 2158 specification and UMC shield for proper compliance with building code.

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